Speak Trust

Management & Organization

Shahbaz Akbar–Founder & Trustee

Anum Sundas–Trustee

HIV Positive Migrant–Trustee

HIV Positive Migrant–Trustee


SPEAK has a truly representative, highly qualified and diverse Board of Trustees, half of the board members are migrants living with HIV ensuring a beneficiary-centered approach and management. The board ensures effective governance of the organization through:

At their best, the board reflects the collective efforts for advancing the institution’s mission and long-term welfare. The board’s contribution is strategic and the joint product of talented people. The Board organizes itself to carry out its duties and responsibilities. To manage the day-to-day operations of the NGO, the board of directors appoints a CEO.


SPEAK has been, since its inception, submitting narrative and financial reports to its donors and government. A dedicated bank account is operated to ensure transparency and accountability. SPEAK also conducts independent and third party audits every year along with internal and external monitoring visits being the part of its monitoring and evaluation cycle.


Audit Reports

Annual Reports