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A Review of HIV Policy Progression and Migrants Health Rights in Five Origin Countries.

This study intends to provide a brief context of the current situation of migrants’ health rights, primarily by looking at the progression of HIV and AIDS related policies and practices over time. HIV is considered an indicator because it is one of the most sensitive health conditions. As a treatable disease, considerations surrounding HIV extend beyond health and encompass social issues of stigma and discrimination. The aim of this study was to compile information to assess whether there had been any positive changes at the policy level in the protection of migrants’ health rights, as well as to identify remaining obstacles in the protection of migrant’s health rights, specifically as it concerns HIV.

Challenges faced by Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in Pakistan.

To explore three-dimensional challenges faced by WHRDs and to generate concrete strategies for the protection of WHRDs, this research had the following 3 objectives:

Being an action research, this study is a step towards the overall efforts to increase the protection of WHRDs in Pakistan. As a follow-up of this research we are currently working to formulate a law for protection of Human Rights Defenders.

Review Of Government’s Budget Allocation Migrants’ HIV & SRHR needs and Migrants’ Contribution towards Pakistan’s Economy

This study aimed to review budget allocation for HIV and SRHR of Migrants (including MSM Migrants) interventions, policies & outcomes by:

Research on HIV and STDs Awareness in overseas Pakistani Migrants

This online research was conducted by SPEAK to know the level of SRHR awareness particularly STDs and HIV among overseas Pakistanis. Another aim was to gather information of whether the Migrants were sensitized by the government of these diseases before departure.
The results of the research indicated an alarming lack of awareness among overseas Pakistanis regarding SRHR awareness and transmission of STDs like HIV.