Management and Organization


SPEAK has highly qualified Board of Trustees who ensures effective governance of the organization through:

  • Acquiring and protecting the organizations assets.
  • Making certain the organization is working to fulfil its mission.

At their best, the board reflects the collective efforts for advancing the institution’s mission and long-term welfare. The board’s contribution is strategic and the joint product of talented people. The Board organizes itself to carry out its duties and responsibilities. To manage the day-to-day operations of the NGO, the board of directors appoints a CEO.


SPEAK has been, since its inception, submitting narrative and financial reports to its donors and government according to their requirements. If required a dedicated bank account is operated to ensure transparency and accountability. SPEAK also conducts audits every year along with internal and external monitoring visits being the part of its monitoring and evaluation cycle.

Read our Audit Report – 2019 here.

Read our Annual report – 2019 here

C.E.O Message

We are young people of Pakistan. SPEAK is a team of energetic, transparent, sensitive and courageous youth. We call upon other young people of Pakistan to join hands with us and take part as volunteers; we will be very excited to learn from you. We think and act with a positive attitude and believe in the making of destiny. Our basic values are pro-Pakistan, zero corruption, transparency and gender equality. We never operate against these values and ensure that local culture and context is considered too. Our programs are guided by passion and our services reach out to most vulnerable and excluded segments of the society.