Miraal’s journey as an SMA warrior
Miraal’s journey as an SMA warrior

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Miraal’s love for nature and mountainous area makes her want to travel to the northern areas of Pakistan. Unfortunately, her condition due to the deadly disease of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, makes it impossible for her without proper medical intervention. Her parents have been searching for a cure, but the treatments are too expensive for them to afford. Miraal’s father shared that they were able to purchase two and a half months of medication that resulted in significant improvement in her ability to move her legs, stand up and lie down. However, the next dose of medication is extremely costly, which is a huge financial burden for the family. Along with medication, Physiotherapy is also the requirement which has helped Miraal in mobility.

Despite their financial struggles, they remain hopeful that they can find a way to obtain the medication to help Miraal achieve her dream. When they discovered Miraal’s condition, they immediately started researching. This news was devastating for the family, but they remained hopeful that a cure would be found. Miraal’s parents have been doing everything in their power to help her. Her mother is her primary caregiver, taking care of her daily needs, getting her ready for school, and taking her to and from school. Despite the challenges they face, they remain positive and hopeful that they can find a way to help Miraal. Miraal’s wish is to drive a car around the world and meet Musa, whose YouTube videos she loves watching. It is a beautiful wish, and one that her parents are determined to help her fulfil. They know that the medication is essential for Miraal’s survival and should be accessible to all. Miraal’s story is a testament to the power of hope, love, and resilience. Her parents hope for a cure and their determination to help their daughter achieve her dreams is truly inspiring. Let’s come together and help Miraal fulfil her wish by raising funds for her medication.

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