Projects & Achievements


  1. Integrated Services of Safe Migration, HIV Prevention & Care, For Migrant workers and families in Pakistan.

  2. It is 3 years’ strategic projects which SPEAK is implementing in Pakistan. Under this project, our goal is to ensure that labour migrants of Pakistan and their families are protected from HIV infections since they are one of the vulnerable groups. For this, we run a service Centre in Swat – KP, where migrants and families are provided with HIV testing, counseling and referral to government hospital for treatment.

    The other area is of advocacy, which involves convincing policy makers and implementers on investing for migrants’ health and rights. We advocate with Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, Bureau of Emigration, Ministry of Health, National AIDS Control Program and their provincial chapters. As part of advocacy, we try to spread awareness through Mass and Social Media to increase dialogue around the subject. We also sensitize health services providers on ethical treatment of people living with HIV. We are currently looking for ways to create jobs for HIV positive individuals we have identified.

    As part of SPEAK’s Humanitarian work, we provided emergency assistance to government of Sindh during HIV outbreak among children in Larkana District




  3. Research: A Review of HIV Policy Progression and Migrants Health Rights in Five Origin Countries.

  4. As part of our advocacy work we regularly conduct researches to ensure that our demands are evidence based. This particular research was carried out to sensitize emigration related authorities on gaps in policies and their implementation when it comes to HIV and health issues of Emigrants. The research was conducted in 5 countries of Asia, those who are primary exporters of labour emigrants, i.e. Bangladesh, Philippines’, Pakistan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

    Full research report can be accessed Here.

  5. Research on HIV/AIDS financing for Migrant workers of Pakistan and coalition based advocacy on Sustainable HIV/AIDS Funding.

  6. This Research is one of our currently on-going interventions. This research will aim at identifying the contribution of labour migrants in the GDP and overall economic growth of Pakistan. Along with this, for a comparative analysis, government of Pakistan’s budget allocation for health services to labour emigrants will be studied. Thus to conclude that as much of the contributions these emigrants are giving, government should also invest a considerable budget for their wellbeing so they are protected and produce more.


  7. Research based advocacy and awareness on Challenges Faced by Women Human Rights Defenders in Pakistan.

  8. Pakistan is 2nd last at Gender Gap Index. It is the 6th most dangerous country for women in the world. Those of protect women from violence or speak for their rights, often face harassment and threats from different sources. Many have even been attacked and killed.

    In order to understand this phenomenon, we implemented a project with support of Freedom House. We initiated with a national level qualititve analysis of “Challenges Faced by Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in Pakistan”. This study was launched in front of a diverse group of experts from civil society, law enforcement agencies and academics. After the Research Launch, participants developed strategies for protection of these WHRDs. The launch event was organized on 29th November 2019, the international day of WHRDs. This was followed by national level media coverage and talk shows by SPEAK to raise the issue at mass level. We are currently engaged in advocating for formulation of a federal law for protection of Human Rights Defenders.

    Full research report can be accessed Here.

    Read the 4-page summary of report Here.



  9. Mass Media and Social Media awareness on Ethical and Non-discriminatory behavior towards people living with HIV/AIDS.

  10. SPEAK’s mission is to raise collective consciousness of our communities, for this purpose we continually work with mass and social media. Given the misconceptions on transmission of HIV in Pakistan, we organized multiple TV programs with top channels on prime to reach out to a wider group of people. These programs also serve to inform policy makers and increasing general demand for services which is often neglected.


  11. Mass Media and social media awareness on Human Rights, situation of Women in Pakistan and its interconnectedness with the nexus of Gender and Violence.

  12. We aim improving societal behaviors towards gender issues, especially those of men and boys. We understand that awareness can slowly alter perceptions and practices. Our media programs are carefully organized and prepared keeping in consideration the local context, political environment and existing societal views on the subject matter. We strive to argue on the basis of evidence and encourage for better and non-violent behaviors’.



Activities & Events:

  1. Quaid-e-Azam Hospital Islamabad session on Ethical and Non-discriminatory treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS
  2. Benazir-Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi session on Ethical and Non-discriminatory treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Holy-Family Hospital Rawalpindi session on Ethical and Non-discriminatory treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  4. District Head Quarter (DHQ) Hospital Rawalpindi session on Ethical and Non-discriminatory treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  5. Identification of HIV patients and provided them with referral and counselling services.
  6. Migrants provided with HIV awareness prior to their departure to destination countries.
  7. Mass Media & Social Media Awareness on the situation of Women in Pakistan and its interconnectedness with the nexus of gender & violence.
  8. Research launch event of Challenges faced by Women Human Right Defenders (WHRDs) in Pakistan.
  9. Coalition Building and Training workshop of CSOs & CBOs on Sustainable HIV/AIDS Funding in Pakistan.