The Story of hope and spirit

Rameesha and Jibran’s bravery against SMA

The Story of hope and spirit

Rameesha and Jibran’s bravery against SMA

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Rameesha, a 14 year old girl along with her brother Jibran who is 6 years old, have been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a life threatening genetic disorder that weakens the muscles needed for movement which leads to complete disability and death if not treated timely. With every passing day, their disease inhibits them to live a normal life as they cannot move their legs anymore and the fear of losing mobility of their other body parts have made it difficult for them to survive.

Rameesha has an incredible passion for painting but due to lack of proper treatment, after her legs, now her fingers have started to fold and lose mobility which makes it difficult for her to continue following her dream of being painting her dreams onto a canvas. Her artwork is a testament to her strength, resilience, and the beauty she sees in the world which is being faded away as the disease takes toll on her body movement and will-power to live.

Similarly her younger brother, Jibran who is a naive little boy wishes to run and play like every other child, cannot even walk because of this deadly disease. He at a very young age lost the ability of moving his legs and now the disease has started affecting his other body parts. Jibran and Rameesha might not be able to survive if their disease is not treated timely. They are children with dreams and hopes, but their disease has taken a toll on their life.

Jibran Imran – 06 years
Monthly treatment: $1200 USD –  Yearly treatment: $14,400 USD
Rameesha Imran – 14 years Monthly treatment: $1800 USD – Yearly treatment: $21,600 USD

Rameesha and Jibran’s parents are striving to obtain the necessary treatment for their children’s illnesses, but the expenses are substantial, and they require your assistance. We urge you to donate as much as you can to help save the lives of these two children. Your donation can make a world of difference and help these children fulfil their dreams of living normal life.

The total yearly treatment of the two children is $36,000 USD.

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