Miraal’s journey as an SMA warrior

Miraal’s love for nature and mountainous area makes her want to travel to the northern areas of Pakistan. Unfortunately, her condition due to the deadly disease of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, makes it impossible for her without proper medical intervention. Her parents have been searching for a cure, but the treatments are too expensive for them […]

Umer’s unstoppable spirit: Thriving beyond hemophilia

A small cut puts Umer’s life at stake as at a very young age his whole life was overshadowed by a rare and life-altering condition called hemophilia. Recently, Umer and his parents’ worst nightmare got real when Umer fell on a rock and hit his head. The bleeding was so severe that he had to […]

Ali’s Flight to Freedom: Fighting Hemophilia, Embracing Dreams

Ali, a young soul, full of life, with passion and dreams as vast as the sky above is suffering from the deadly disease of Hemophilia. His love for football and flying kites knows no boundaries. However, his disease does not allow him to run around freely with any fear, a challenge he faces every day, […]

A Mother’s Plea for Hope and Healing for her child

Muhammad Shees, a 1 year old soul is battling the challenging genetic disorder of hemophilia. Shees’ journey began when he was just nine months old. Shockingly, bruises and blue marks appeared on his delicate skin, leading to a series of medical tests. The diagnosis was devastating: hemophilia, a condition that makes even the smallest injury […]

Rameesha and Jibran’s bravery against SMA

Rameesha, a 14 year old girl along with her brother Jibran who is 6 years old, have been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a life threatening genetic disorder that weakens the muscles needed for movement which leads to complete disability and death if not treated timely. With every passing day, their disease inhibits them to […]